Ovadiah Tank, an international businessman, member of multiple political parties over the years, he also served his country as a diplomat and interpreter. He also works as a trade negotiator.

Mr. William Tank has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and a Degree in International Business. In addition, he is  a graduate from the Yeshivah College where he studied Talmud, Chassidism, Jewish Philosophy, Jewish History and Contemporary Jewish Law.

His expertise is to create  a link between corporations and businesses, cultivate partnerships, build mutually-beneficial relationships, and further business and social responsibilities of  corporations.

Mr. Tank has an extensive banking experience including  managing multinational businesses and turning local and national companies into international success stories.

The Tank Family has developed a tradition of thinking globally about the business world. For many generations, first operating from Russian Czarist Empire, then re-settling their business in Germany, then spreading to England, Israel, United States and Brazil. Since then, the Tank family have been building strong relationship with international governments and  organizations seeking to work within Imports & Exports transactions and operations. Tank Korporation Headquarter is in New York, with branches in Washington DC, Brazil and Israel, operating  across five continents along with several multi international Industries.