Ovadiah Tank

עובדיה טנק



Mr. Tank is working to accomplish writing his books and looking ahead to a Ph.D. in his area of work.

Mr. Tank holds a Master’s degree in Judaic Studies where he studied Talmud, Chassidism, Jewish Philosophy, Jewish History and Contemporary Jewish Law (2015) right after he accomplished four years at the Rabbinical College for Judaic Studies (2011). In his bachelors study, he majored in Business Administration (1999), and got a post graduation degree in International Business (2000).

Mr. Tank is an international businessman, member of multiple political parties over the years, he also served his country as a diplomat and interpreter. He also works as a trade negotiator. His expertise is to create a link between corporations and businesses, cultivate partnerships, build mutually-beneficial relationships, and further business and social responsibilities of corporations and governments. His moto is "Thinking globally and understanding how to bring different cultures together is the first step in understanding international business"

As a Rabbi and Professor, Mr. Tank loves empowering Jewish discovery for anyone interested in learning more. Providing spiritual, cultural, social and educational programming for communities around the world.

Mr. Tank has a universal ideal for pure faith, ready to abandon the world limitations to cultivate a life of inner tranquility and supreme wisdom. Mr. Tank believes that every individual whose spirit moves him and whose intelligence gives him the understanding to withdraw from the world to serve G-d and to know G-d, and who walks upright in the manner in which G-d made him, is totally consecrated, and G-d will grant him/her a place in the World to Come.

✦Senior Rabbi - Beit Chai Synagogue;
✦Professor - American Jewish College;
✦President - Brazilian Cultural Center of NY;
✦Councilor - Embassy of Brazil Citizenship Council, Washington DC;
✦Latin America Chief Rabbi - World Jewish Confederation;
✦Kosher Consultant - Global Kosher Certification;
✦Senior Chaplain - Jewish Chaplaincy Institute;
✦Director - Chamber of Commerce Trilateral Brazil-USA-Israel;

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TOLL FREE: +1 (800) 985-0185