Ovadiah Tank



Mr. Ovadiah Tank has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Foreign Trade (1999). Degree in International Business and Internship at Manhattan College (2000). In addition, he is a graduate from the Yeshivah College where he studied Talmud, Chassidism, Jewish Philosophy, Jewish History and Contemporary Jewish Law (2011). Mr. Tank is working on five books, seeking to accomplish his PhD in International Relations.

His expertise is to create a link between corporations and businesses, cultivate partnerships, build mutually-beneficial relationships, and further business and social responsibilities of corporations and governments.

Mr. Tank's hobby is to play the piano and volunteer to social and legal services.

✦Senior Rabbi at Beit Chai Synagogue;
✦Professor at American Jewish College;
✦President at Brazilian Cultural Center of NY;
✦Foreign Relations at World Jewish Confederation;
✦Kosher Consultant at Global Kosher Certification;
✦Senior Chaplain at Jewish Chaplaincy Institute;
✦Counselor at Beit Chai Learning School;